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Did you know that only 6% of the population achieves their goals?

Here’s the problem you face: You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! You crave the energy you used to have but you don’t know the best way to start. Which means you’ll struggle with living a lackluster life and not living up to your full potential. 

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. It’s called the Igniter Pack. This incredible 30-day Mindset and Fitness Challenge gives you everything you need to achieve SUCCESS!

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Learn from the one and only Prince of Positivity, Spencer Jones! Why Spencer? Because he has helped thousands around the world turn their life around!

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What is Happening to Me?!

…I had to test for covid last week and remained completely calm and didn’t stress about it, my power was out this morning and it didn’t even bother me, and I was excited to start my work week today….WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?! Lol. What have you done to me? Haha. I feel calm even when things aren’t great! I just had to share that with you because I feel the shift and I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me!

-Tiff L.

It's time to ignite your fire and live your life to the max!

Here's everything that's included in the Igniter Pack:

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Order today and we’ll throw in Spencer’s incredible book, Chase Your Passions, and Personal Journal, The Priorities of Practice, FREE!!!


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Here is what the Igniter Pack...

Is Not...

The Igniter Pack is not an Extreme Fitness Program. We aren’t telling you to run for miles and miles, do endless amounts of burpees, or any of that. Instead, we designed this program to help you get started and have success. It starts with walking and a few reps of some basic body weight moves. Then we just up the times and reps. If you have a body and live here on earth, you can do this!

How many people do know who have taken on a challenge, struggled, and quit. It’s disheartening to see and to experience. You can feel like a failure. But not with the Igniter Pack. This is a 30-day challenge where we walk you through step by step, we offer you support, guidance, and help you on your journey. You will walk away achieving and tasting the success you crave!

Heck, we barely even talk about diet in the Igniter Pack. We don’t prescribe or try to dictate what you eat. It’s your choice! But we do advocate for eating whole, healthy, foods. The less processed the better. Your body is a machine and to run at it’s best it needs the best fuel, which is healthy foods! So while we barely mention diets, fuel yourself for success!

It sucks being overwhelmed. You feel like there is so much to do, so much to commit to, that you can’t breathe. That doesn’t help you achieve success. We focus on giving you small challenges that you can easily conquer. Then we allow the compound effect to do it’s work so by the end of 30 days, you’ve completed achievable tasks and had massive results!


Success is in your grasp! The Igniter Pack is designed for it to be achievable. Not with meaningless and boring tasks, but ones that have a specific purpose that build you to the life you desire! Each challenge is built on the last one allowing the results to come in. It’s like a train leaving a station, it starts slow but it picks up speed as it goes. And your results will be the same way, you will finish the 30 days light years ahead of where you started!

There’s no guess work. You don’t have to worry about how to do something or what is the best way. Why? Because Spencer walks you through the different challenges, meditations, and moves step by step. He shares how you can get the most out of them, what is the proper form, and how you can modify and intensify as needed.

Think about the rush of energy you get when you go after something meaningful. It feels great! What is more meaningful than taking control of your life, gaining more energy, igniting that fire within, and sharing it with the world? Not much! The Igniter Pack will help you change your life, light that fire in an easy and meaningful way so you get that rush of energy that stays with you for a lifetime!

Your life is waiting. What are you waiting for? The countdown is on and the Igniter Pack is ready to launch you to the new life you desire. This is the beginning. You already started this new journey because you are looking for the change. This is what you have been looking for. The guide, the support, the success. It’s here, waiting for you. Are you ready to ignite?

Want a Sneak Peak?

Isn’t it nice to know exactly what you are getting before you take the leap? Of course it is! However, let’s be honest, it’s all about what you put in. But we make it as easy as it comes. You just have to show up and do the work. Everything else is laid out for you!

Along with the Plan, Tracker, and Daily Review, you will get access to over 20 videos! Everything from exclusive Igniter Pack meditations, workout how-to’s (along with how to modify and intensify), tips and tricks, and much more! With all this, it’s easy to take the leap. Heck that leap is really just a step. And we got your back and are supporting you. Let’s do this!

Igniter Pack PLUS Chase Your Passions Book & Priorities of Practice Journal


Order today and we'll throw in Spencer's incredible book, Chase Your Passions, and Personal Journal, The Priorities of Practice, FREE!!!


Level Up Like Never Before

It's Time to IGNITE!

You’re ready to ditch the mundane and boring. You want more out of life and can’t wait to feel happy and empowered again. We hear you! Our Igniter Pack will kickstart your journey and get you to the levels you crave!

Shortly after you order, you will be emailed PDFs of the Ignition Plan, 30-Day – Daily Review, and 30-Day Tracker. Plus, we will share where you can find the videos including the guided meditations, workout move walk-throughs, and more!

It’s time to take the step. That leap of faith to your dream life. Are you ready to take it? Don’t worry, we got you!

Over $500 Of Value

Order today and we’ll throw in Spencer’s incredible book, Chase Your Passions, and Personal Journal, The Priorities of Practice, FREE!

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