Meet Some of the Professors

Experts in a variety of Personal Growth fields here to serve you and help you Live Your Life to the Max!

Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones loves to help people live their lives to the max through a holistic approach. Starting with having a positive and abundant mindset, followed by being physically healthy so you can chase your passions, and rounding it out with having a clear greater purpose.

Known as the Prince of Positivity and the Energy Ambassador he shares his positive energy and spreads joy around the world. He does this by sharing tips, tricks, and strategies to help others live life to the max through his two podcasts called the Jonesin’ for Show and the Daily Energize along with various groups, memberships, courses, and events.

Spencer is a classically trained pianist and choir director who has published three books and has been published in multiple magazines and websites. When he’s not working with others he loves to spend time with his wife, Katie, and having incredible experiences traveling! Learn how you can gain more positivity and become an Energy Ambassador on his website:

Alison Leitheiser

Everyone has their own challenges, but when I was 16, mine stopped me in my tracks! I had seizures, fatigue, organ damage and paralysis. I could not move from the neck down. A virus had gotten into my spinal cord and I became quadriplegic. Unwilling to accept my seat on the sidelines, I wanted to participate in life more and spent two decades learning and healing. My experiences changed the course of my life as I found a passion for helping others find hope and healing. I started my road as an alternative health care practitioner in 2002, started my own clinical practice in 2009.

I love movement and being outdoors with my family. I am always amazed at what the body can accomplish and I even had the opportunity to compete on American Ninja Warrior for two seasons. Today I love working with people’s health challenges and helping them find their way to wellness. 

Shawn Douglass

Shawn Douglass is founder and chief shenanigans officer of The GROWTH Lab, a community of helpers working to make an impact and change the world. He resides in Perrysburg, Ohio with his wife Marie and two children Isaac and Izzie.

Originally from western Pennsylvania he and his wife met at college in Lakeland, Florida and have been married for 20 years. They have been foster parents for 18 years and they have served over 130 children in their home. 

Shawn is a longtime entrepreneur and is passionate about leading others on a journey of growth, teaching them to hush the inner bully and helping them embrace their unlimited potential. 

Shawn is a heart centered entrepreneur, driven to change the world by helping helpers stand in their power and take massive action to reach their goals. He believes that by creating a safe space where individuals can experiment , discover and create change within themselves they will in turn go out and create change in the world.

Katie Jones

Katie Jones loves inspiring others to read and write! A former 4th grade teacher, she helped her students develop a passion for reading and writing as well as excelling in other subjects.

She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and 2 Master Degrees. One in Curriculum & Instruction and the other in Learning Design & Leadership.

Katie is also a published author and has published a variety of children’s picture books and is currently working on more books for adults and kids alike. You can learn more about her at

Steve O' Connell

Steve O’Connell is a proud father of three boys, two dogs, and husband of Lisa O’Connell. He’s a fitness enthusiast, animal lover, a family man, and a focus on helping others achieve…Strike that…. EXCEED their goals.  Steve’s focus of Self-Empowerment and Self-Worth come from his real-life experiences of working as a Senior Leader in Corporate America, overcoming obstacles through positivity, fitness, and motivation. Through conducting extensive research, finding creative ways to bolster self-empowerment and self-worth, and implementing his plans in to action Steve has exceled in Corporate America as well as in his personal life. He’s been able to share his knowledge and experiences with hundreds, if not thousands of people, helping them achieve their “greater self”, helping achieve goals that many felt were never in their grasp.

Allegra Pacheco

Allegra has a Mixxedfit and Zumba Instructors license. She has been instructing virtually for two years and 3 years in person for a total of 5 years. Dance fitness is her passion. She is a trauma survivor and uses dance to help heal her soul and maintain a positive lifestyle. She uses dance to connect to her pain and move it out of her body. She has a chronic illness that she has learned to work around and thrive. Being physically fit is part of her daily therapy and wellness. Dance fitness has been part of her health regime for a while. Dancing raises your vibration, and it is necessary for health and well-being. 

She is a small business owner and has been for 18 years. She is a single Latina mom that has battled addiction, abusive relationships and yet continues to shine and seek personal development and wellness. She has a Facebook group dedicated to health, well-being, personal growth and physical activity. The name is Havanas Dance Party in the Parque.

Michael Fabber

Founder and CEO of UnleashU Now, Michael Fabber has created one the most supportive and impactful movements and communities in the growth world. Where they empower those that empower. 

They increase entrepreneurs impact, influence and income through messaging while building the foundation that can grow any business or movement all through the DUB system.

He is blessed to speak to those that light this world up. While hosting over a dozen events a year and speaking at dozens of others to impact a billion people.

He also owns several businesses in multiple different spaces and hosts an international business mastermind group. Michael and his team travel the world impacting others to achieve their goal of ending suicide and self injurious behavior. 

He wants us all living life Unleashed!

Amy Kraus

Amy Kraus is a national youth empowerment speaker, business owner, veteran educator and mom of two. Her mission of the Kindness Starts With Me! Educational program is to give elementary and middle school students, staff and parents tools they can use on a daily basis that bolster self esteem and remind them that they have the power within themselves to go out and attain the goals they put in place for themselves. Amy has a passion for helping kids find love within themselves and to make sure they never feel alone again. In addition she speaks to students, parents and educational staff on the focus of Standing up for one another and embracing our uniqueness. 

In connection with her educational program Amy is a mental health advocate giving voice to those who struggle in silence by sharing her own mental health battles and journey. She speaks regularly to schools, community organizations and on social media platforms that advocate for all people. As a woman who was on the edge of ending her life she has now transformed her life and become the stand for creating a world where everyone can be themselves unapologetically and unconditionally loved scars and all.

Doug Fitzgerald

Doug Fitzgerald is a highly sought after motivational, instructional, and life-changing speaker and personal coach. Known for his authentic and relational approach to life, Doug’s leadership and real, honest, and transparent communication are admired for being focused on helping others achieve their life priorities. Doug started his career as a radio disc jockey for 7 years (hosting a #1 Top 40 Morning Show) and served as a Youth & Executive Pastor for 13 years before turning his attention to starting and building a multi-million-dollar business over the past 11 years. Doug currently resides in Nebraska and has been married to his wife Tammie for over 28 years. They have two children, Dylan and Sydney.

Tasha Danvers

Tasha Danvers is a 2x Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medalist. She is an international speaker, author, mentor, and Success Coach for private and corporate companies who want to achieve next-level results. Tasha has two Bachelor Degrees, one Masters Degree, and is currently working on a Doctorate Degree in Holistic Life Counseling. She reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (the second highest mountain in the world), and was an ambassador for Jaguar motor company’s sports foundation. Tasha has been a Graduation Keynote Speaker for Croydon College in London, and presented for large brands such as Coca-Cola, GAFAM, Facebook, and Linkedin. She is a proud mom to her son Jaden and is very passionate about inspiring people to follow their passions and pursue their dreams while making a difference.

Michael LeBlanc

Michael is an Author, Consciousness Coach, Energy Practitioner and Speaker. His life’s work and passion are to help others understand and experience their True Divine-God nature as expressions of Divine Consciousness and learn how to use this deliberately to Manifest their Best Life on purpose! Embody new and improved ‘States of Consciousness’ and conditions must shift. He is also a Licensed Social Worker and Licensed Life Coach and has a background in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. His business is named “Create With Consciousness” and website is for more information.